Get a glimpse of our featured poets for Chi~Voices, Poetic Film Series.

Joy “Melodic” Heard
A recent 2013 graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Arts Management, Joy continues to share her social – political poetry intertwined with song at local poetry and open mic spots throughout the city.

Shelyse Santiago-Opio
2-year competitor in Louder Than A Bomb youth poetry festival with her team from U Media. She hopes to help educate people worldwide on issues in Chicago through her poetry.

Edye Deloch-Hughes
Award-winning writer, producer, creative director and published author.

Brea Harris
Poet of WE: The Collective Spoken Word group, Actress.

Frankiem Mitchell
Founder of WE: The Collective Spoken Word Group, 24 Years Black/Cuban/Haitian born in Madison, WI. Raised in Chicago, IL.

Anthony Hughes

Anthony Hughes
20 year old a member at the Institute For Positive Living is a writer, new actor and enthusiast of changing change in the black community.


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