Chi~Voices: Available Now Online!

Chi~Voices is now available for your viewing online!

Image result for chi voices“Six spoken word artists creatively express themselves about youth violence in Chicago”.

Premiered at: The Black Harvest Film Festival (2015), The Chicago International Social Change Film Festival (2015), The Oak Park International Film Festival (2015), Chi-Town Multicultural Film Festival (2015) and The Chicago Onscreen Local Film Festival (2016)

Creator & Creative Producer: Jessica Estelle Huggins
Director: Shiri Burson
Director of Photography and Editor: Jovan Landry
Location Manager and Sound Operator: Sandra Hernandez

Sponsored By: The BRIJ Fund, L3C
In collaboration with: The Institute For Positive Living
Partially Funded By: The Illinois Humanities Council

Written for the Screen:
Jessica Estelle Huggins
Shiri Burson

Assistant Writers For The Screen:
Marcus Martin
Olivia Cole

Writer and Poet: Joy Melodic Heard

Starring: McKenzie Franklin as Young Joy
Anthony Franklin as Father
Ashlee Paz as Young Friend

Fight Scene:
Donnie Whitfield
Dwayne Squire II
Thaisha Bingham
David Harris
Roosevelt Gordon
Enisho Bruce



*They Think They Know Us
Writer and Poet: Shelyse Santiago-Opio

Starring: Gregory Madden
Corey Lewis
Christal Luster
Danielle Booker
Cheyenne Booker
Colette Coley
Jordyn Kilgore
Amani Gaddy
Imani Gatheright

*It Became So Famous
Writer: Anthony Hughes of Institute For Positive Living

Performer: Gregory Madden
Teacher: Lindsey E. Bates
Students In Classroom:
Amani Gaddy
Imani Gatheright
Christal Luster
Jordyn Kilgore
Shelyse Santiago- Opio
Corey Lewis

*How To Reach A Hood
Writer and Poet: Brea Harris

Young Dead Girl: Angelina Angulo
Black Mother: Arlinda Nava- McCain
Young Black Boy: Lawrence “LJ” Davis Jr.
Dead Black Man: Lawrence Davis
Make-Up Artist: Kim King

*What Could Have Been
Writer: Edye Deloch-Hughes

Lead Girl: Amber Borders
Lead Boy: Corey Maurice
Boy’s Friend: Isaac Shelby
Girl’s Friend #1: Rosa Mota
Girl’s Friend #2: English Baker
Girl’s Friend #3: Heaven Kostecka

*Ayinde’s Video Game
Writer and Poet: Frankiem Mitchell

Young boy: Bryan Wright
Ayinde and Video Game character: Dominique Smith
Mom: Tenille Wright
Ted: Mason Absher
Video Game Executive: Erik Martin
Video Game Executive: Ambria Taylor
Black man on Street: Victor Morris
Thug #1: Jeremey Johnson
Thug #2: Lord Xodus
Thug #3: Jose Martinez
Gunman in Alley: Robert Hardaway
Thug In Alley: Kala Ra

Fight Choreographer: Dominique Smith
Video Game Mode Editor: Rahim Branch

Music Credits:
Music Composer: Dawnsson & Jovan Landry
Opening Credit Music:
“Believe Again”
Written and Performed by Christal Luster

Closing Credit Music:
Written and Performed by Adria Husband
Vocals By: Cara Dawn

Sound Engineer: Johnnie Campbell

Special Thanks:

TeQuila Sahaya Shabazz
Institute For Positive Living
Frankiem Mitchell
Joy Heard
Brea Harris
Ayinde Cartman
Chimere Bias
Elliott Ocean
Maritere Gomez
Ranae Encines
Paz Family
Antione Simmons
UIC College Prep
City of Chicago

*Kickstartr Backers:

Edye Deloch-Hughes
Sydney Corryn-Holman
TeQuila Sahaya Shabazz
Marlene Angulo
Frankiem Mitchell
Joy Heard
Brea Harris
Ayinde Cartman
Chimere Bias
Elliott Ocean
Maritere Gomez
Ranae Encines
Paz Family
Antione Simmons
UIC College Prep
City of Chicago

*IndieGoGo Backers:

Sydney Corryn Holman
Jovan Leslie Monique
Edye Deloch-Hughes
Cameran Battley
Edwin Elliott
Regina Selma
Britney Freeman
Melissa Jaen
Chantel Bibb
Adriana Diaz
Adriana Matusdiaz
Jane Jerardi
Melissa Herron
Helene Donahue
Greg Peters
Stopher Bartol
James T Green
Allison Wade
Ellen Gradman
Mary Pike
Emile Cambry
Phillip Jackson
Rosalind Thomas-Clark
Abe Burson
Christa Burson
Gerardo Vasquez
Anita Nicole Brown
Mark Kelly
Harrison Martin
TeQuila Sahaya Shabazz
Francis Owusu
Jennifer Peepas
Kiesha Young
Linda Matos
Olivia Cole
Cleveland Johnson
Michelle Arnold
Marco Roc
Brent Knepper
Eileen Tull
Mika Munoz
Megan McDonald
Ka’lan Jones
Elena Monahan
Noreen Yarwood
Octavio Veliz
Andres Feliciano
Isaac Fox
Johnnie Campbell
Renata Gwinn
Sage Morgan-Hubbard
Naomi Ezquivel
Jahcobie Cosom
DeAna McEwen
Lindsey Bates
Maria Fernandez-Cabral
Kyle Hicks
Marcus Martin
Rahim Branch
Songine Clarke
Randy C. Bonds
Shanna Williams Brooke Watkins
Tabitha Lee
Sam Trump
Dacia Alisa Hill
Ayla Larson
Brandon Fentress
Vincent Harlston
Manny M. Frenchiy
Derrick Sanders
Linda Kidd
Roslyn Haldane
Addie Eve
Noah Thomas
Shiri Burson
Joseph Chopin
Kamari Wheeler
G’Jordan Williams
Jyl Bonaguro
Puissant Productions

A Jessica Estelle Huggins Production 2015.

It’s been a crazy ride but thank you to everyone who have been part of our support system. 🙂




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