23 things you don’t understand about Chicago’s South Side (unless you’re from there)

CTA Red Line ~ 95/Dan Ryan Stop

“Believe it or not, the South Side of Chicago isn’t the heaping pile that the national media has made it out to be, something you know if you’re from here, and one of the many things you don’t if you’re not. Well, it’s about time we got you up to speed, starting with these 23 South Side truisms.

1. We’re pissed that the Red Line only goes to 95th

South Siders hate a commute as much as anyone, but the Red Line goes all the way up to Evanston. Can we get to Blue Island at least?

2. We despise the nickname Chiraq

Of course the South Side has its problems, but comparing it to a war-torn foreign country is just dumb.” ~ Evan F. Moore Writer for  Thrillist.com

KEEP READING: http://www.thrillist.com/entertainment/chicago/things-you-do-not-understand-about-south-side-chicago?ref=facebook-869

Anything that you absolutely agree or disagree on? Share them in the comments section below. 🙂


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