New Addition To The Chi~Voices Team, Tavores Johnson

*Photo: Chicago Filmmaker Tavores Johnson of Puissant Productions

*Post Update 7/8/2014: Shiri has arrived safely back into town and will continue on with her directorial skills with Chi~Voices. Mr. Johnson will no longer be directing a poet’s piece but he continues to be a supporter of the film series. Still have a look at his bio below:


We are very excited to announce that while Shiri is completing amazing social work in Cambodia throughout July, Chicago Filmmaker Tavores Johnson of Puissant Productions is stepping in to direct two Chi~Voices Spoken Word Artsist’s pieces. We are sooo excited to have him on board. Please take a look at his bio below and get to know this dude’s coolness 😉

Tavores Johnson is an accomplished filmmaker, completing over four short films in various capacities, one of which, Codename H.O.T.S., was the impetus for the feature film True Grace. Looking to kick-start his professional career at a young age, Tavores founded the production company, Puissant Productions, writing, directing and funding its first action feature. While Tavores’ passion is for directing action and comedy films, Puissant Productions is eager to jump into a wide variety of work in all genres, with their sights locked on reaching higher ambitions and engaging in the entertainment and filmmaking community.


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