*Breaking News* Creative Director of Chi~Voices

*Breaking News* Creative Director of Chi~Voices

9 December 2013

Good Morning everyone,

I am more than excited to announce the new Creative Director of Chi~Voices: Shiri Burson!
Shiri is an amazing filmmaker, dear friend of mine and passionate person that is ready to hop on board and bring Chi~Voices vision to life. We are proud to have her. Get to know Shiri by checking out her short bio below. 🙂

Shiri Burson is an award winning film director. She won “Audience Choice Award” for her 2012 documentary Foundations of a Man featured at Take One Film Festival. She is a soon-to-be graduate at Columbia College Chicago and an art tutor at Shurz High School. Shiri’s films breathe compassion and empathy into the image of marginalized people as way to deconstruct stereotypes and generalizations. Shiri hopes Chi~Voices will inspire other youth dealing with similar themes presented in the film series to take more healthy approaches of coping with violence and oppression.

If you’d like to reach out to Shiri, address her name an a email to Chivoices@gmail.com.

Jessica Estelle Huggins
Creative Producer


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