Birth of the Chi-Voices Project

Birth of the Chi-Voices Project

Jessica Estelle Huggins

Creative Producer of the Chi-Voices Poetic Film Series

On March 12, 2013 I was having such an amazing morning. I woke up on time (That hardly ever happens!), had some time to mediate and got to work. I was restocking pop in the fridge at work when I noticed a picture of baby Jonylah Watkins on the cover of the Chicago Suntimes. I thought to myself, “What a cutie!”…I, then read the headline….and immediately dropped what I was doing to read a paragraph or so before I had to run to the bathroom and broke down. It was the first time in years that I’ve ever just cried in the bathroom. I thought to myself, “What happened to humanity? Has it always been like this? We are all literally dying off”. As the story began to develop, I continued to stay up to date with it. I begun to wonder how the city of Chicago continues to operate as if nothing is wrong?…..And with this, my talents, my thoughts and my vision, Chi-Voices was birthed.

With Chi-Voices, the team and I want to have a showcase sometime in the early Fall 2014 to show all of the poetic film pieces to students around the city of Chicago, people who work in the Mayor’s House, and help provide a deeper thought process about violence to the people of Chicago, possibly the nation. During the showcase, we’d like to open it up to more creatives that use their talents (through song, dance, ect) to express themselves as well.

We all have a habit of constantly being in our “own” world. It’s time to notice what’s “actually” happening in the world.




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