The social crisis behind the rise in Chicago street violence

Chicago, IL.

“While the local and national media gave widespread coverage to the violent outbreaks, nowhere could one find a serious explanation of the social causes of this tragedy. Instead, various politicians, preachers and others have decried “senseless violence” while calling for the dispatch of the National Guard and an even greater crackdown by the police.”

~ By Chris Davion and Jeff Lusanne from the World Socialist Web Site

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In Chicago, hoops tournament helps heal, provides hope

Isiah thomas (center) and Bulls star Joakim Noah (left) meet with participants in last year’s Peace tournament.

“Almost three years ago, I joined Father Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina Church on his weekly community walk on the Southside of Chicago. Father Pfleger is a long-time family friend and activist in the Chicago community. He and my mother bonded years earlier in their fight for the poor and the disenfranchised in society. When I joined the walk that hot summer evening, Chicago was being projected as the murder capital of America. As we walked the streets young men and women were coming from everywhere to greet us. Some joined us on the walk and others just watched and waved. As we continued to talk to the young men and some of the community leaders, I posed this question: If Father Pfleger and I brought you together for a game of basketball promoting peace would you show up? The immediate response was yes.” ~ By Isiah Thomas, for

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What can violence in Chicago teach doctors in the Navy?

Faran Bokhari, the head of the trauma department at Cook County’s Stroger Hospital in Chicago, prepares to join a team for surgery on a gunshot victim. (Nam Y. Huh/Associated Press)

“How do you prepare Navy doctors for a war zone? Send them to a Chicago trauma unit.” ~ By Sarah Larimer Washington Post

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Chicago’s Gang Violence Limits Kids Mobility


Let’s get a picture now of one Chicago neighborhood as it looks from the perspective of one of its residents. The resident is Steve Gates, Chicago director for Youth Advocate Programs, which has worked with children and teens in Chicago public schools. His neighborhood is Roseland, where police are trying to hold down rampant crime.


It’s almost like martial law. We have cops on every other corner trying to deter some crime. But for these kids, it’s like living life in a box because of gang boundaries and because one gang may have rivals on the next block or a few blocks over. That kind of limits the kids’ mobility, which oftentimes reduces their ability to see anything else. So if you can think about those imaginary borders cutting you off from the rest of the world or the city, imagine being a kid there. You know, there’s no baseball programs, no YMCAs, they’re closing schools. I feel bad for the children right now.” ~ NPR

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